Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ordinary Things

Jumping out of bed and having a good stretch.

Kissing the one you love. A good strong hug from your kids. A phone call to your mother.

A nice long shower. A trip to the country. Following a butterfly. Watching a humming bird. A breeze across your face.

Watching and hearing a storm as you snuggle up in bed, covered up and in darkness.

A silly joke. A dinner out. A concert. A meal with friends.

A bug walking along the wall. Your dog wagging its tail.

Early at work. Doing all you planned. An early night with the family.

Prayer. Writing in your blog. Reading a poem.

Tripping over in the rush of life … and getting up again.

Making fun of yourself. Sharing. Feeding the cat. Playing cards with your kids. Losing.

Telling stories. Repeating the same stories. Your audience anticipating your jokes.

Taking a walk holding hands with your wife.

Being aware of every waking moment. Living each second completely. Going to sleep.

Doing the ordinary things, extraordinarily well.

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