Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Where Eagles Soar

There is a place where eagles soar and then come back for more.

They have a human past; stolen as young chicks, ill fed and locked up in a cramped space.

Mistreated and unloved.

Saddened and lost, victims of abuse and ignorance.

Their reason battered, their magic lost.

Victims of a selfish mind.

And now they soar and spread their wings. They have a nest called home. They eat and hunt.

They sing their joy. They fly and reach for the sky.

They perch at night and hear the wind.

They see the valley as they fly at dawn. They glide through mountain tops and play their games.

They have a nest.

A human hand; a human voice.

A caring father has given them their space.

With owls and hawks, with birds of prey – they are back home.

They are now seen; they are admired. Children come and visit - and see the majesty of life.

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