Friday, August 18, 2006

A Path With A Heart

I dreamed time was a train passing by while I stood on a platform. I tried to catch it but it zoomed by. Yesterday was gone.

As I looked back another one was coming. It passed me by again.

I realized I hadn't bought a ticket. I was there for a free ride.

The man behind the ticket counter looked familiar. He smiled as if he knew me. I asked for a ticket; he asked me where I was going.

I turned away as as the tracks rattled. A new one approaching. It didn't stop.

The ticket man waited patiently. I looked into his eyes and became lost within. I was falling inside them, through a screen with moving pictures of trains I had lost and trains I had caught going nowhere.

He pulled me out and told me not to stay there - the past was gone.

He showed me a map of stations. They had peculiar names, "Future Bliss", and "Wrong Turning", and "Empty Space".

One station called out to me. It was the right one. "A Path With a Heart".

The ticket man laughed, looking familiar, and said it was expensive and could I afford the price.

I looked into his eyes and was surprised. An older but happier me.

I nodded and began to climb in. He said "All aboard" and waved.

Time is on a train; the tracks are made of gold as I travel on a path with a heart.

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