Sunday, May 21, 2006

Imaginary Line

There is an imaginary line between here and there. Between yesterday and tomorrow. Between now and then.

This line is sometimes green, it is sometimes blue and can even be shades of different colors.

We rarely see it, although we should always be seeking it.

It takes us to the planets, to the seas, the rivers and the skies. We can travel the mountains and the valleys when we ride this imaginary line.

It connects us with each other and when we are in a state of rare good fortune, it can connect us to our selves.

This line is fat. It is thin. It is invisible. It is light.

The imaginary line takes us to the sun and feeds us with light. It can burn us. It can make us grow. It is cold but will always warm us.

We can travel on this line and we can communicate with this line.

It is mundane, it is profound. It allows us to reach within ourselves and it allows us to break with ourselves. It allows us to use logic and not be used by logic.

This imaginary line is mine.

It can be yours.