Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Servant

He had served for many generations .

He had served as was his nature, without hesitation, with complete dedication.

He always gave the best that was in him and he never lost sight of his mission.

To serve. To serve the boy, the youth, the adult that was put under his care and protection.

And when his man died, he wept in grief; and then, mostly in joy, helped him on his way.

The cry of a new born baby always announced his next mission. His baby, his mission.

He stood by, never seen, rarely acknowledged, always firm in his protection.

He was true to his nature, he could but do otherwise. Always respectful. He could, and did, protect as long as his protection was accepted. No matter what.

At first he thought the best times were the early days before adulthood. Then he realized he always loved his mission, his man.

He met fellow servers. Some were joyous and seemed to shine. Others were sad, a shadow of the light they used to be. But they all unfailingly gave there utmost. It was in their nature.

One day when his latest charge, a boy named Nicholas, was still quite young, he felt his light begin to fade.

He didn't understand. The child was special so it couldn't be. There was something so pure within this child, so simple, so full of love that the protector felt protected.

He talked with the child, and perhaps more importantly, the child talked with him.

As he felt his light fading, he knew he had to leave. He had to go quickly before he went completely dark.

He was torn between his sense of obedience and his mission to serve and protect.

As the boy got into bed and said his prayers, the servant felt his light shine for a brief moment with greater force.

The child was smiling at him as he said "Goodnight".

"Goodnight, Nicholas" he whispered back.

The child turned over on his side and hugged his teddy bear.

As the night drew on, the servant felt weaker, as if he was being pulled upward and away.

He struggled desperately, and as he did he drew closer to the boy. With his finger he touched the teddy's forehead.

When he was next aware, he was dazzled by His presence. He forgot where he came from, where he was going and melted into a state so blissful it cannot be described.

Once in a while a vague memory flashed by. Each time he tried to catch it, but failed.

He then noticed as he recovered his light, that he was incomplete. He looked around and realized he had permission. After all, he was free and could choose.

His light was strong, stronger than it had ever been. His mind was clear, his heart was full. Or nearly full.

The servant looked down and with a sense of joy realized he looked upon the boy who was asleep.

The child lay on his side with his arm around his teddy. The teddy was looking up at the servant, with a smile on his face. They looked at each other for a moment and then the teddy wrapped his arms a little closer round the boy and smiled mouthing a silent "Thank You".

That night the child dreamed. He dreamed of being a boy living the greatest adventure of all time. And the marvel of it all was that he had the most fantastic thing one could hope for.

He had two friends. His Teddy walking by him, and his other friend. A friend with shining light and bright wings.

His Angel Friend.

His Guardian Angel.

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