Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Small Man with Large Shining Eyes

Once upon a time there was a small man.

He had a dark complexion and large shining eyes.

He enjoyed walking by the side of a stream where the sound of the falling water made him feel at ease.

One day as walked his usual path he heard a sound.

It was a soft noise as if a child was throwing pebbles into a small pool and in the background, hardly above a whisper, leaves rattling on the ground.

Nobody can say for sure as he was a solitary walker.

Like many others he had his fair share of curiosity.

He decided to take a look.

He walked into the woods and soon saw a soft transparent silk cloth, hanging between two old trees.

The wind was blowing ever so softly and the silk was weaving gently.

Through it he could see, as if in a fog, the figure of a young woman, beckoning.

The small man with the dark complexion and large shining eyes stretched out his hand and touched the silk.

He was surrounded by the sound of pebbles falling into a pond and leaves rattling on the ground.

His hand, then his elbow, his arm, his shoulder and his chest were slowly covered with the soft touch of the silken cloth.

He felt tired so he sat down and drifted off to asleep.


There is a path by a stream that flows on the side of a forest.

In the forest two trees form an arch.

Beyond the arch is a rock in the shape of a small man with large eyes.

By the rock there is a soft sound, like that of small pebbles falling into a pond and the rattling of leaves on the ground.

Every so often it seems as if the rock makes a tiny movement and you will feel watched.

You may imagine a young women whispering your name.

Perhaps it is just the wind.

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