Monday, June 26, 2006

Imagining This

Imagine a silver line that will take you back to a younger you. To the child that will always be within, even if you have relegated this child to the darker corners of your memory.

The child that might have given birth to the "you" that could have been; the child that never gave up; the child who dreamt.

Imagine that silver line taking you on a journey through your dreams. The child who climbed trees; the child who swam in the river; the child who had a best friend.

Imagine the child flying on a silver line, and as he flew he touched his dreams. He saw an old man and an awe inspiring reverence for the wrinkles on his face and the ebbing strength in his hand. A child who couldn’t imagine what it felt to be old.

Imagine the silver line stretched so strongly that the wind played a song on it. A song telling of a child’s dream. A dream of toys and friends; a dream of conquering new adventures. A dream of a musician, an explorer, a pilot, an astronaut. A dream where the main character was fun, and kind and had many friends and rode a bicycle and was you.

A dream of being alive.

Imagine a silver line that took you back in time and in this magical time travel it brought you forth and you are the child and you never, never, lost your dreams and you became the adult you are today.

Imagine that.

Imagine the silver line that shows you, if you are willing to listen, that it is never too late to keep your promise to that child that lives in your memories.

Imagine how that child would see you today. And imagine that it is all possible because that child that travels back on a silver line has faith … in you.

Imagine that.

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